The Marcello Giordani Foundation Launches Young Talents into Opera

Carmen Cutugno | i-ITALY

With a gala night in New York, Tenor Marcello Giordani celebrated the birth of the Marcello Giordani Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting emerging opera singers.

“I was born in Augusta, a small Sicilian city, and since I did not have big economic possibilities, it was not easy for me to study and cultivate my talent. My parents made many sacrifices to help and sustain me, so I promised my father that, if one day I should become famous I would help young people to succeed!”

With these words, on May 7, on the occasion of the official launching of the Marcello Giordani Foundation at the New York Athletic Club, the Sicilian tenor explained the reason for this non-profit organization, the intent of which is in fact to assist and support promising young opera singers.

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Jun 19, 2010