La Damnation de Faust – Metropolitan Opera – November 2008

The tenor has vastly expanded his acting and vocal palette in recent years. At 45, Giordani exuded both Faust’s terror and tenderness as he transforms the desperate, solitary scholar into an overwrought lover and, finally, a broken man seeking solace in his immense hymn to nature, which Giordani sang with noble, heartfelt intensity.
– Verena Dobnik, Associated Press – November 8, 2008

Marcello Giordani was a rather Italianate Faust… but sang thoughtfully and consistently. And, no surprise, he ably dealt with the score’s high notes, robustly or delicately, as he saw fit.
Musical – November 10, 2008

Tenor Marcello Giordani plays a passionate Faust, and characterizes both the bitterness of the aged and the hot-headedness of youth.
The Epoch Times, November 17, 2008

Nov 10, 2008