Manon Lescaut – Metropolitan Opera – February 2008

“Here was the real thing, an Italian tenor who sang with ringing power and sweeping fervor.”
– Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times – January 31, 2008

“Marcello Giordani [was] a golden-age Des Grieux, handsome and urgent in demeanour, suave in passages of introspection, glorious in outbursts of passion.”
– Martin Bernheimer, Financial Times – January 31, 2008

“And now, we come to the real reason why this Manon Lescaut was a triumph. In two words: Marcello Giordani as Des Grieux has a voice which brings back memories of the greatest tenors of the so-called Golden Age. His voice has the richness, the intonation, and above all the sweep of a Tucker, a Björling, almost a Pavarotti. True, the latter made it look easy, and Giordani impresses you with just what magic he has. But the audience was incredibly impressed, as they should have been. 
It would be useless to choose which parts he made his own. Every note he sung resounded through the Met, every love duet he conquered with the passive Ms. Mattila, and every act was a triumph for this incredible tenor. 

For this voice alone, Manon Lescaut is, with all its faults, the grandest of Grand Opera. Whatever faults this production had, Giordani’s was the tenor of another era, and we were elated and honored by such a voice.”
– Harry Rolnick, – January 30, 2008

“There is no lack of ringing italianità to Marcello Giordani’s thrilling Des Grieux, proving once again how indispensable the tenor has now become to the Met in this repertory.”
– Peter Davis, – January 31, 2008

“Giordani has all the ingredients to fill the role of the Met’s star tenor: a remarkable range, a strong instrument, an attractive stage presence.”
– Anne Midgette, The Washington Post – January 31, 2008

“Giordani has an ability rare among tenors these days to ride Puccini’s melodic line up to a ringing high C.”
– Mike Silverman, The Associated Press, January 31, 2008

"… the Met’s handsome, very traditional staging… seemed a more natural environment for Marcello Giordani, here offering his first local performances of Puccini’s Des Grieux. Giordani’s Chevalier, throbbing with suitable ardor and Italian flavor, reflected the integrity and care with which this revival was prepared and presented…"
– F. Paul Driscoll, Opera News – April 2008

Feb 20, 2008