Andrea Chénier – Teatro Massimo Bellini – Catania – April 2007

Marcello Giordani, who sings the title role, possesses a robust vocal power: he climbs with ease to the peaks of the musical scale giving powerful color to even the highest notes. At the same time, he traces with a fine brush the romantic nuances of the Poet in love with the beauty of antiquity and deceived by the scullions of the ideal. His intimate singing is extremely beautiful, with an inner lyricism which was as compelling as the acclaimed summits of his high notes that reach exciting heights in the duets. (Translated from the Italian)
– Sergio Sciacca, La Sicilia – April 2007

Marcello Giordani played the heroic role of Andrea Chénier, on which he bestowed a noble bearing and dazzling vocal color, particularly as he climbed toward the “squillo” of stentorian high notes. His stage partner, the Maddalena of Martina Serafin, was an ideal foil, with a rich and secure voice. In the duet of the second act, “Eravate possente”, and in the finale “Vicino a te s’acqueta”, the two artists engaged in an actual “vocal dare” which ended, with neither winner nor loser, in resounding applause. (Translated from the Italian)
– Aldo Mattina, Il Giornale di Sicilia – April 2007

Apr 21, 2007