Manon – Bilbao – March 2006

Marcello Giordani shone in the last scenes, singing a “Rêve” in which the voice highlighted his splendid high register. He put passion in the duets and, since his voice is ideal in the higher tessitura, his best moments were the passionate ones.
El Correo, April 5, 2006

The excellent interpretation of Giordani, with his expressive pianos…, his good diction, the powerful strength and color of his high notes, and, in short, his well shaped singing, not only reclaims the role of Manon’s lover, but opens the way [for the soprano] to feel much more involved in her character, which is evident in all the duets, … One can also say that… Giordani’s physical and vocal performance, makes the musical and dramatic context of the opera appear more unified… (Translated from the Spanish)
Deia – April 2, 2006

Mar 30, 2006