Guillaume Tell – Opera Orchestra of New York – November 2005

…after the Italian tenor Marcello Giordani, singing the treacherous role of the tormented Swiss patriot Arnold, gave a fearless account of the cabaletta “Amis, amis, secondez ma vengeance,” his rallying cry to vanquish the Austrian occupiers of 13th-century Switzerland, soaring over the orchestra with clarion top notes and thrilling high C’s, the audience threatened to stop the show with a frenzied ovation. So with a nod from Ms. Queler, Mr. Giordani sang the aria again.
– Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times – November 15, 2005

Mr Giordani surpassed expectations as Arnold. The voice is a bright, true Italian tenor with plenty of heft, and the top notes seem more easily produced than ever. After a long, strenuous evening, in which Mr Giordani proved himself both an heroic and sensitive Arnold, sometimes scaling the voice back to an intimate piano, he tackled his last act aria and cabaletta with passion and great magnetism. The long, legato lines of the aria were handsomely sung and the cabaletta, …with its high Cs… and final, long-held C were met with such thunderous applause that Mr Giordani repeated the cabaletta to roaring approval. I dare say New York has heard nothing like it since Pavarotti first dazed the Met in Donizetti’s “La fille du regiment,” 35 years ago.
– Robert Levine, Classics Today – November 2005

Nov 13, 2005